Noah Lanier

Voice actor

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Raw Studio Sample

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Mic: Neumann TLM 103
Interface: Apollo Twin X
DAW: Audacity
Internet: Hardwired, 350 mbps up & down
Connectivity: Zoom, Skype, Source Connect*

*Available upon request

About Noah

Hey! I’m Noah, a voice actor and data scientist based in Durham, North Carolina.

Now, you might be thinking “Well, that’s a weird combination of professions.”, to which I would reply “Heck yeah it is!” I got a degree in Math from Duke, but in my last semester I took an intro to acting course with Jeff Storer at Duke and got hooked.

Since then, I’ve undergone extensive private training from some of the top voice acting teachers in the world while working as a research associate at Duke. I specialize in character work and have lent my voice to several indie video games.

Fun Fact: The theme of this website revolves around the ocean and boats for a good reason – I grew up on one! When I was 7, my parents sold our house, bought a boat, and whisked my younger brother and me away to the Bahamas for 5 years, where I was “boat-schooled”.

Not so fun fact: There was no air conditioning on the boat.